3 benefits of EMDR therapy you didn’t know

Have you ever heard about EMDR therapy? If you haven’t, then you must and knowing the basics isn’t enough. The Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing also referred to as EMDR, is a relatively new therapy that is used to treat trauma patients. The effectiveness of this treatment has been clinically proven to the extent that many organizations are not putting their faith into this method. If you know someone who went through trauma at some stage in life, then you can suggest him this therapy. It is important to note that patients that may be looking for administering the trauma or shock, may have known about the therapy already. If so, then these patients must look towards getting this therapy. Patients that may be suffering from PSTD can also take this therapy as it is clinically acknowledged for that as well. Since this method is backed by authentic research and has shown benefits for patients suffering from mild or severe trauma, it can be trusted by patients who may be looking for an effective treatment method:

Proven to be effective

As explained above, the EMDR therapy has been around for some time and has pretty strong credentials. It has been observed that patients suffering from trauma often end up harming themselves as well as others. The trauma stays for a very long time and in some cases, it stays for life. However, you don’t have to stay in the trauma for life especially when you have treatment methods available. Though counseling also works well for such patients, the effectiveness of EMDR is unbeatable.

Transforming thoughts

Mark the time when your patient began receiving the EMDR treatment for the first time, to the time when he got back to normal life. The difference will be there for all to see. These patients often show signs of distress and may end up harming themselves. Those who go through the therapy are able to control their emotions and show signs of improvement. Their negative thoughts are addressed, and they begin to replace those with positive vibes.

Fast treatment and results

EMDR is not only effective, but it has shown results that are almost incredible. The thought process in the patient is addressed and that allows the expert to influence the patient. negativity is removed and the patient begins to feel confident again.

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